Contents of Volume 8 Number 4 October December 2018


Paediatric Oro-facial Fascial Space Infections

Original Scientific Articles

Oro-facial Fascial Space Infection in a Paediatric Gambian Population: a review of 93 cases.
Okoje VN, Omeje KU, Okafor E, Adeyemo YI, Abubaccar J, Roberts CAP, Samateh AL.

Risk Factors for Readmission and Length of Inpatient Stay in Rural Ghana Following Exploratory Laparotomy
Hendriksen BS, Morrell D, Keeney L, Candela X, Oh J, Hollenbeak CS, Arkorful TE, Newton C, Amponsah-Manu F.

Reduction Pneumatique de l'Intussusception chez les Enfants: Experience et Analyse des Resultats JUTH, Jos, un Centre Hospitalier Universitaire au Nord-Central du Nigeria
Dung ED, Shitta AH, Alayande BT, Patrick TM, Kagoro B, Odunze N, Rikin C, Chirdan LB.

Normal Femoral Artery Intima-Media Thickness Among Healthy Nigerian Adults; Relationship with Age, Gender and Body Mass Index
Soneye MA, Adekanmi A. J

Review of Dentistry in West Africa- Challenges and Prospects
Fomete B, Adebayo ET

Case Reports & Case Series

Advanced, Recurrent, Invasive Cribiform Carcinoma of the Breast in a 17-year-old Male: a Case Report
Aghahowa ME, Salu IK, Ezike KN, Bassey OS, Umar MU, Etim OA, Okwudire-Ejeh IA.

Lunate Dislocation: Presentation of Two Cases of a Rare Condition
Onuoha KM, Ajiboye OK, Bassey AE

Endoscopic Assisted, Transfontanelle Excision of a large Third Ventricular atypical choroid plexus papilloma in an infant
Malomo TA, Okolo CA, Balogun JA

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